2022 Is the Year of FrenchyytheGod


From Cardi B to Popsmoke to A$ap Rocky to 6ix9ine, New York has been producing many talented artists ready to blow. One of these Artists coming up is known to the public as Frenchyythegod who’s caught the attention of the 6FT Empire and deserved his first interview to be with us. His music transcends the listeners experience and what he does outside of music such as club promoting has become very lucrative and traction gaining for him. He has unsurmountable potential and his name with definitely become household in the next upcoming months. Just give his music a listen like the song ‘2K’ that’s been on repeat in our speakers for weeks and is aiming to be on yours next. We support all artists here so send his music out to everyone you know so you that you can tell everyone you knew him before he blew up.

His instagram is @frenchyythegod_ and has links to his music there





  • How did you get into making music? 


    • My sister in law raps and started making me rap as a way to be able to express myself more because I was shy 


  • What is our goal in the music industry? 


    • I want to be able to reach people and relate to them have music they can listen to forever and always relate and can understand where it’s coming from I also want to be able to have my own label and help other upcoming artist see their full potential 


  • How do you find and put together information to further your music career?


    • I would watch a lot of YouTube interviews with artist that I was influenced by and other rap moguls and how they took they’re careers to the next level 


  • What has been the biggest struggle when it comes to making music and the music industry? 


- Getting people to share and buy your music is the hardest part in the music industry and also getting bigger artist to acknowledge your talent 


  • What is the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you in your life? 


    • I got stabbed in my forehead 


  • Who are some of our influences? 


    • My biggest influences is lil Wayne Eminem Cassidy nas big pun


  • What is your favorite line in a song that you made? 


    • I could show you how to double up in 4 different ways I been trappin sitting same spot 4 different days I ain’t get no sleep for 3 days but I’m still going in


  • What about you and your music makes you believe that you’ll make it and that people should listen to you? 


    • I try to be as original as I can be when it comes to my sound my voice not using auto tune or plug ins to make my voice different I try to sound exactly as my songs when I perform I also try to give people a image they can imagine 


  • List 5 things that you want to happen to you in the next year ? 


    • 1. I want to hit a million plus views 
    • 2. Get my family a house we can all live in 
    • 3. Sign a big record deal 
    • 4. Start touring 
    • 5. Headline for a big artist / get a ft 


  • List 5 things that you want to accomplish in your music career in the next year ? 


    • 1. Create my own label 
    • 2. Have many talented signed artist to me 
    • 3. Make records with all my idols that are still alive 
    • 4. Go diamond multiple times 
    • 5. Own my masters and publishing and everything else 


  • What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten? 


    • Bad days aren’t forever never stay to down because it’s only temporary