John-E, working on music to change the world

          19-year-old upcoming Miami artist John-E is making his ways through the music industry. Starting off as a photographer, John's mission with his music is to change the world differently than everyone else. He states "I want to bring equality for everyone not only through my music but the way I approach each and every single human being on this earth through out my life that is going to be my mission everything I’m going through is a process and takes time, one advice I can give is is to "stay true to your self and no one else", you were born alone and die alone  "die alone die vlone” , but you honestly got only one life so might as well make it the best". He is putting his all into his music and photos so that future generations can see who cares what people have to stay. Live to the fullest.
        Not only does he want to bring equality, but he wants to change his life and work hard to get to his destination where he wants to be. He has been down bad thinking about the past too much but honestly he's got this with the mentality that he did this by himself with no help. All he needs are his family, fans and supporters and he will be fine. He's here to bring this generation to a better life without negative intentions and is on a spiritual journey knowing that everything will be alright.