Meme Rapper Tamaeya the Saiyan, Next Up from Charlotte

       Hailing from Charlotte, NC at only 15 years old, Tamaeya the Saiyan is making some waves with his music in his hometown & on soundcloud. He started making music in 2018 but hasn't released started releasing anything until 2019. His reasoning for making music was because of the rapper Xxxtentacion's untimely death. X and Ski Mask the Slump God were very big influences on this Charlotte born rapper so when he died it gave him the motivation to become a legend just like him. He recorded his first song on his phone. Afterwards he upgraded his equipment and purchased a laptop and microphone where he started to record a lot but but holding on to every song because he thought that the quality was trash. His musical styling comes from different genres of music from meme rap to Rock. The first song that he dropped was a meme song because he is just a real funny, weird and goofy kid that liked making that stuff. Most of his songs have a goofy bar in them. 


      When he dropped his first song he was surprised that he would get that much support so quickly when it recieved more than 20k listens the first month. An amazing feat when he says thatj his music is just him having fun doing what he likes to do and just to let go of stress or stuff that's built up inside of him. The time that he's been making music he's gotten a lot of love and met and worked with a lot of good people who he really wishes the best for for helping him out a lot. Many people ask why he talks about anime so much in his music and his answer is because he just likes it a lot and he considers himself a living anime character. In our interview with him we go more in depth on this anime character.




What is your favorite anime and why?

     Dragon ball because that's what I watched as a kid and got me hooked to anime for real. I don't care if people say it has no story or no plot its still hard. Its also better then naruto. 


What was your favorite bar that you consider for meme rap?

     Good question but probably "You looking sad like an 8 year old without a dad" because i know some people who were like that. I'm sorry if i offend you...


Why did you consider your first songs to be trash and did you get feedback from anyone else about them?


    Bro the quality was ass and I really didn't have my own sound yet. Like you could deadass tell i looked up ski mask type beat and tried to go crazy and yell on it and have hella dumb flow changes. I did have people listen to it and they said it sounded good but I didn't think so.


How did other people your age and in school see you since you started doing music and had your numbers going up?


     Some people just started sucking my dick and started trying to talk to me nice and shit like that.  But the people who already messed with me Really didn't change at all its just another thing to be happy about and talk about. Some people think its cool and some think its lame.


How has being from North Carolina influenced your music?


    It showed me how i don't want to be because imma be real everyone  down here suck da baby and stunna 4 veges sense they blew up out of Nc. Everyone sucks the mainstream of course but their is a few that's underground that i know who are hard as hell.



What do you hope to get & achieve from becoming a rapper?


     I just want a good supporting base Witch i think i am already kind of starting to get. I also want to work with people and meet new people and let it go from their.


What is the hardest part about making music?


     Um probably figuring out what people like to hear from me the most. Also satisfying people I know I cant satisfy everyone but ill drop something and someone will ask why I didn't drop something else and it just gets complicated sometimes. 


Favorite Ski Mask & X songs/ bars?


     I really don't have a favorite bar for them. But I do have A favorite flow from them and it has to be from off the wall.


What is your plan for success?


    Just have fun while being consistent with my music and making people happy by showing them what I like to do and steal mp3 files from people.


One random fact about you


    I am looking for an Asian or white girl and i cant mess with a girl who says periodt #nosimp



Tamaeya the Saiyan

Instagram: @sononani.ty



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