Music with a message. Meet Lil Goob

Lil Goob aka Goob is an artist from West Kendall who describes his style as alternative, underground, trap music. "There’s really no way to describe what i make lol.' He says. He started making music about a year and a half ago but never released anything because of his social anxiety and cared too much about what people thought of it. 
     Fast forward to now, he started releasing music in May and is a part of a small collective of artists called Ac130. In a nut shell his music is made to help the people who can’t speak for themselves like he couldn’t and for him to know that he's affected one person positively withhis music for him is a mission complete in his book. We did an interview with him to go more in depth on this upcoming Miami artist


Where do you think your social anxiety comes from and how do you overcome it to release your music?

Honestly my anxiety came from being bullied from middle school till even now. it just got to a point where i barely spoke to people because i was just scared. i finally overcame it by just saying screw it, what have i got to lose. and i just did it.

What does ac130 stand for and how did you guys join up?

Ac130 is basically a kill streak you get in COD that calls a big gunship. my group came up with the name because that’s what they grew up playing and it’s something they all bonded on besides music and i joined up with them after meeting my brother gray fox through another artist and the music chemistry was insane.

How were you able to positively help someone with your music?

People relate to my music because they see that they’re not alone, people feel like shit everywhere and to see someone else is feeling like shit too helps them. they see they aren’t alone. i’ve had people in Ukraine, UK, etc DM me on ig saying how my music has helped them through so much. and THAT means everything to me.

How has being from Kendall and Miami influenced your music?

I hate kendall, the people suck, 90% of them live off mommy and daddy’s bank accounts and claim a bunch of stuff that they don’t know a portion about. it’s influenced my music by just me being the outcast, and making music that i know for a fact they won’t like. and that’s okay!!! you can’t make everyone happy.

Who are some of your musical influences?

My biggest influences... definitely killstation, peep, bones, and a hundred percent my chemical romance. i grew up w metal and hip hop so i just decided to make the both of them together.

What's the difference between someone taking music seriously and as a hobby?

Consistency, how much money you put in, and what your goals are. If you don’t have these then it’s not being taken seriously. money and consistency make things happen and with those 2 things you get to your goals. anything other than that then it’s just a hobby.

What message are you trying to convey in your music?

I try to convey basically that i’m human, i deal with pain, i deal with struggles, everything. i don’t paint fake pictures, all my songs are real. and i basically want people to hear that and think “wow he’s speaking his mind, maybe i should too”. 

Whats coming up in your music career?

Honestly i have no clue... i’ve been amping up my writing and have been recording at least 30 hours a week which is a lot for me considering i have jobs.  but definitely more shows, i have a few coming up, and i have some more projects on the way. tbh i just want to help people. i don’t care about if i blow up or not.