Theres Nothing Cheesy About Willheezy, Rap Musics Next Big Thing



    Hailing out of North Carolina, allow us to introduce up and coming super start Willheezy. This 19 year old not only rapper, but producer and songwriter with an upbeat yet laidback flow structure. His lyrics are like class clown meets life of the party with words of him speaking his mind in a fun & sometimes raw way that is not only hype with high energy but is also very relatable. We interviewed him and are giving you some introspection into this future moguls life.


6FT - "Where are you from?"


Willheezy - "I'm originaly from Raleigh NC, but my dad was in Army tho so we moved a lot. I grew up in North Carolina, Florida, and overseas.


6FT - "How did you get into making music?"


Willheezy - "I've been sorrounded my music my whole life. I'd be on the family computer when I was like 6 watching Lil Wayne Music videos for hours so I could rap 6ft 7ft all the way through to my older brothers. I also used to be a band kid and took Piano and Guitar lessons on the side. Before I had my own phone or anything I used to sleep with the radio on, I'd be singing or rapping wherever we went 'cause I always had a song stuck in my head. I probably wrote my first rap in 6th grade and when I got to High School my folks gave me a macbook for my birthday, I started making beats with it and never looked back."


6FT - "What is your goal in the music industry?"


Willheezy - "My main goal is to really turn my talent and passion into a full on carreer for myself. I want people to hear my music and feel like I'm talking to them. Having thousands of fans, award shows, and #1's are cool and everything, but my main motivation is to be able to wake up and walk downstairs to my studio insead of working a job I don't even like."


6FT - "How has your sound evolved since you first started making music?"


Willheezy - "Honestly I feel like my sound evolves every time I record. I'm still a student of the game and since I sarted out making my own beats I had a lot I needed to learn and master. From the instrumental, to the lyrics, to the cadence, to the quality, I can say with each project I put out my overall sound improves while I continue to develop my style. 

I dropped my first 100% original song in 2017, I keep all my old stuff up on soundcloud so I can see how far I came."


    6FT - "What has been the biggest struggle when it comes to making music and the music industry?"


    Willheezy - "One thing about being an artist nowadays is that it's hard not to get caught up about other peoples opinions. On one hand you wanna do you and not give a fuck about what anybody says/thinks, but then on the other hand you want to share your work with the public and get their approval to keep moving forward with your career. Also I know I'm not the only one that feels this way, but when everybody and they mama making music it's hard to stand out from the weekend rappers. Unless you're doing the most on social media you have to diffrenciate yourself if you want to be taken serious. I like to let my work speak for itself but sometimes you feel like you not getting heard."


    6FT - "What is the luckiest thing that’s ever happened to you in your life?"


    Willheezy - "I believe in blessings over luck fr, but a couple months ago I was driving to go meet up with a girl on campus when my car got shot up. It was only like 9:15, the main road was blocked for construction so I had to go in the other gate off a side street. The car in front of me stopped out of nowhere and the driver hops out with a AR and starts spraying my whole ride. I got tf up outta there but 12 said he fired 19 shots and 6 hit the car. I made the song 19 Shots like 2 days later. That was God tho."


    6FT - "Who are some of your influences?"


    Willheezy - "I'd probably say my direct influences are Gherbo, Youngboy, and Uzi since I listen to them the most but my music taste is diverse. I like old school rap cause thats where our music came from, Outkast and a Tribe Called Quest are two of my favories. I look up to Pharell and Kanye as two  Producer/Artists that paved the way for my generation of music. I like to listen to a lot of different types of music, it keeps me learning and helps with my versatility.
    (RIP X, Juice, and King Von, three more influences that broke barriers and went way before their time)"


    6FT - "What is the most creative thing you did in a song that you made?"


    Willheezy - "I figured out how record and use an actual guitar for my beats so for my song Patience the guitar you hear is actually me playing strait into the computer." 


    6FT - "What about you and your music makes you believe that you’ll make it and that people should listen to you?"


    Willheezy - "I like to keep my music relateable, somewhat positive, honest, and unique. With every song I try to add an element that will make it stand out from other songs by other artists and make the listener want to play it on repeat. At the end of the day I'm never gonna quit doing what I'm doing and I'm only getting better. I know imma blow."


    6FT - "What 5 things do you want to happen to you before the year ends?"



             1. "I want a paid performance opportunity

             2. I want 500 subs on YouTube

             3. I want to buy a new car

            4. I want to make money and save money

              5. I want to have a threesome"


    6FT - "What 5 things do you want to accomplish in your music career in the next year?"


    1. "I need to get another video done i'm slacking fr

    2. One of my new years goals was to drop at least once a month to build my consistency

    3. I'm try do at least 5 more shows before the year ends

    4. Drop a tape/ album

    5. Sell out my merchandise"


    6FT - "What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?"

    Willheezy - "My oldest brother was one of the first people that taught me to smile through the bullshit. No matter what hardship you're going through, you won't be in it forever and optimism can change your attitude and how you see the world while your going through whatever it is. I was probably still in elementary school when he told me that but I still hold it to this day."